Future Projects


Tridon is working diligently with municipal government, and provincial ministries and agencies to obtain approvals for a number of residential developments. Each project offers a wide selection of residential lots, amongst the greatest attributes the area has to offer.

Old Victoria

  • 162 lot single unit residential development
  • 56 unit vacant land condominium development
  • 2 multi-unit residential development blocks on 81.4 acre parcel urban setting within the City of London on the banks of the Thames River
  • subdivision design will incorporate natural features of provincially significant wetlands, woodlots, ravines and the Thames River corridor
  • Tridon’s goal is to design and create a family-oriented passive recreational development providing scenic vistas and views of the natural topography for the entire community

609 William Street

  • existing site consists of an under-utilized site within the City of London
  • site will be redeveloped for an apartment complex consisting of one and two bedroom units
  • the development is ideally located in the heart of the City of London, in close proximity to the city’s downtown attractions

161 Windemere Road

  • intensification of an existing oversized residential lot with plans to develop 6 individual condominiums on executive-sized building envelopes
  • the property overlooks Medway Creek, an environmentally significant feature within the City of London
  • Tridon’s goal is to offer for sale, parcels for each future owner to construct a custom-built single family unit

Terrace Street

  • 66 lot single family residential development
  • subdivision is located within easy access to transit, hospitals, shopping, entertainment and the City of London’s multi-use pedestrian pathway system along the scenic banks of the Thames River

Port Franks

  • 5 lot residential development, ranging in size from 0.5 to 1.5 acres
  • adjacent to the Lambton Wildlife Inc. Karner Blue Sanctuary