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At Tridon Group, we believe in building communities that people will love to call home

Home Buyers Need The Right Community

At Tridon, we endeavour to develop and build with honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment to quality. To us, a community is a beautiful place where people can live, work and play- and most importantly- feel at home. We value integration with and protection of natural features – It is Tridon’s philosophy that people should enjoy quality, healthy lifestyles by living within walking distance of everything a community has to offer.


Building Communities
That Work

Land development can be a long and arduous process, involving numerous levels of municipal and provincial governments. Tridon is proud of our track record. We have consistently built productive relationships with all levels of government in order to obtain development approvals. Tridon Construction Ltd. has a fleet of heavy construction equipment such as earth movers, dump trucks, loaders and graders. The equipment is used to prepare and service our development projects, and is also an integral component of our day to day on the ground operations. We scrape, stockpile topsoil, cut and fill to balance the site and grade it. This is how we create lot fabrics and road networks that will soon be filled with homes and homeowners. This is how we make community dreams become reality- places where people love to call home.

More Home Builders
Diverse Locations

At Tridon, we understand the diverse needs of the market and the buyer and offer that same diversity in the communities that we build. From various locations across London beyond, we offer a selection a selection of highly reputable builders with styles to make your dream home a reality. From spacious single family lots to convenient townhomes and condominiums, we ensure that our communities always match your needs to a T.


Land Acquisition

We're always seeking lands for development, and we encourage land owners to contact us. Tridon's goal is to continually increase our land holdings through careful acquisitions. We continually seek opportunities for development.

Building Long Lasting Communities

At Tridon, we endeavor to develop and build with honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment to quality.

Land development transforms a site into a vibrant community requiring extensive coordination with many important actors. From the design process and applications to earth work, servicing, road work, and landscaping detail we are diligent in making our neighbourhood feel like home.

You’ve seen our past, now be a part of our future. Taking a drive through our past projects you’ll see the visions of community come to life- and if you follow our new developments, maybe one day you can live in a vibrant Tridon development too.

Tridon Group

Tridon Group is a proven leader and respected firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate development. Founded in 1988, Tridon has since grown into a group of companies that effectively and notably develop properties to create new vibrant communities in London and surrounding areas. We continually strive to be one of the area’s most respected property developers and community builders.


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